The Vulnerability & Risk Assessment Toolkit

This is a practical tool to Oxfam’s Vulnerability and Risk Analysis (VRA)

Before you start

The Workshop

When you finish

More about the VRA

What is it?

As necessary, consider holding separate conversations with women and/or with ethnic or other minority groups to consolidate arguments ahead of the Knowledge Group analysis. Photo: Oxfam in Ghana

A VRA is a multi-stakeholder process. It brings together women and men from different livelihoods, religions and socio-economic groups, including the private sector, with decision-makers from local and/or national governments.

Why do one?

  • To promote dialogue, trust and shared action amongst different groups and stakeholders.
  • To collaboratively generate useful information and action to inform a country strategy.
  • To collaboratively support the design of a programme or project in a new area.
  • As part of baseline assessments and end-term evaluations of a MEAL plan.
  • To inform an advocacy, campaign or influencing strategy.
  • To broaden the scope of resilience, livelihood, DRR or climate change adaptation programming.

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